May 4th, 2007

me 'n Ewan

Big (83) Icon Dump! (plus headers!)

I actually held off on making an icon post for awhile so now we've got a pretty large amount to look at - 83 to be exact.
1-6 Angel the series (6)
7-26 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (19)
27-52 David Boreanaz (25) *
53-55 Ewan McGregor (3)
56 Firefly (1)
57-58 Disney (2)
59-83 Jensen Ackles/Supernatural (24)
1 Jensen Ackles header
4 Multi-fandom headers (Supernatural, Prison Break, Heroes, Earl)
1 Elvis Presley header

* There are subtle differences in the Boreanaz pack - some are softened and some are sharp and there are minor differences in hues (because i'm incredibly indecisive).

credit is not required for icons but is for headers, credit crystalsc
do NOT alter work or claim as your own
textless icons are NOT bases!
feel free to browse through my journal or friend me.
If you snag, please comment and tell me which #'s


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