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I haven't really had a lot of time to log on lately but I have also just been very sad this week. My best friend who has been staying with me for the last four months is leaving this weekend.
She came down from Minnesota after living there for six years, in a trial separation. There have been some other things going on in her life and as a result she quickly decided to go back to Minnesota. While I don't think she's making the worst decision I am not sure that it is the best. And even worse than that I am being selfish because I am mostly sad that I will not have her anymore. I have loved having her here. I haven't made any friends in this town and my husband is gone during the week an I'm alone.
So it is been wonderful to have the company. But not just the company my best friend. We have been going to Zumba together and it's going to be so hard to go without her. We keep each other motivated and on track. I've loved having someone to go with me & the dogs to the park, the store, etc...
I've been crying so hard. I just don't want her to go. :(

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Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?

Funny. I was just speaking to someone the other day about this.
Many people like to say that as technology expands, humans lose "human interaction". That we, as a society, become more disassociated. I feel like this is untrue.
In my experience, technology has increased human interaction. Prior to texting, there were family members that I rarely spoke to. Reaching them through a phone call or in person was difficult but I found that they would rapidly and frequently reply to text messages. Now, we have much more communication AND it seems to create a stronger connection when we do see each other in person. It eliminates that awkward, "we really don't know each other well so what in the world do we talk about" feeling.

It allows you, via social networking, to connect with old friends and rebuild relationships. It aids you in finding completely new friends. I have made many real and fun friendship via Livejournal. I've also begun meeting new local people in my area via Google+. And by following my gym's Facebook page am developing new friendships with the people who attend the Zumba classes I go to - so they become more than just a face in the class.

There's also a wealth of information available via the internet and the speed of communication is fantastic.

Sure, there are negative impacts. All good things must come in moderation and I think the internet/texting/social media is highly addictive for young people. I think that it's not outrageous to consider teaching young people to not rely on technology too much and to be wary of it. Please, no teen suicides because of an idiotic post on Facebook. Also, texting while driving. But moderation also needs to be taught in regards to food so it's not a completely unique problem.
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An answe to a message

saidk sent me a message asking me a question but I can't answer because you have messages turned off. Here is my answer: Hola. It is no bother. Joss Whedon said that in the commentary for the episode "Chosen" which was the very last Buffy episode. I do not have the full commentary in writing. You could hear it on an English DVD though. Crystal Hola. Se iis ninguna molestia. Joss Whedon dijo que en el comentario para el episodio "La elegida" que fue el episodio de Buffy último. No tengo el comentario de manera escrita. Se podía escuchar en un DVD aunque Inglés. Crysta
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ETV Update

Whoo wee, we've got a lot of good stuff going on at ETV.

First, if you haven't seen the new website we launched last month, get your hiney over there.

, we now only accept video submissions through our website form. We no longer accept submissions via the forum.

Third, Congratulations to loud82 and juicy1111 for being our June Featured Video and Featured Member respectively. You can read their interviews on our website!!

Fourth, our May challenge is now open for voting!

Fifth, the June challenge is now open! Come get all the details!
ETV June Challenge

Come join us! We'd love to have you. You don't have to be a fan video maker. If you just love watching them and commenting, you're welcome too! :D
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Showing Off

(wow, the nav bar looks all different.)

This is my cousin. We actually don't know each other very well because our family has gotten so spread apart but he is a really super guy. He's going to be very successful in life (and I don't mean monetarily).
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