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from Expanding The Verse:
Check out the Oct Featured Video which fantastically draws parallels between Once Upon A Time and the Disney versions of the fairytales. And be sure to read our interview with the vidder!  LINK

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Expanding The Verse

Fan video makers and watchers! Do you know about Expanding The Verse? It's a multi-fandom fan video community where you can submit any fan video. That's right, any fan video. Het, slash, any genre, tv or film or both. We also have monthly challenges, featured members, featured videos and more. Come share your art with us.

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I haven't really had a lot of time to log on lately but I have also just been very sad this week. My best friend who has been staying with me for the last four months is leaving this weekend.
She came down from Minnesota after living there for six years, in a trial separation. There have been some other things going on in her life and as a result she quickly decided to go back to Minnesota. While I don't think she's making the worst decision I am not sure that it is the best. And even worse than that I am being selfish because I am mostly sad that I will not have her anymore. I have loved having her here. I haven't made any friends in this town and my husband is gone during the week an I'm alone.
So it is been wonderful to have the company. But not just the company my best friend. We have been going to Zumba together and it's going to be so hard to go without her. We keep each other motivated and on track. I've loved having someone to go with me & the dogs to the park, the store, etc...
I've been crying so hard. I just don't want her to go. :(

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